This project is supported by Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Community Benefit Program.

TLHCSC art by:  Max Allbee ( and Christo Oropeza

A special thanks to our coalition funding partners:

The cornerstone of the TLHCSC is the empowerment of youth and resident leaders to advocate around food justice issues for the community in which they live. Each entity in the Coalition is a significant and distinct asset to the community that when combined, create a maximum capacity for positive change within the community.

Tenderloin Healthy Corner Store Coalition

Co-Coordinators: Lisa Juachon, Ryan Thayer

Food Justice Leaders: Kallisto Khan, Lynne Green,  Stephen Tennis, Tammy Wong, Jennifer Siswandi

Project Assistant: Alex Abalos

Facebook/Social Media: Alex Abalos

Webmaster Sort-of-Extraordinaire: Jaime Viloria

Website Development: Carlos Penilla, Pedro Vidal Torres

Steering Committee

Laura Brainin-Rodriguez,The Feeling Good Project - San Francisco Department of Public Health

Patrick Roddy, Center for Open Recovery

Stephen Tennis, TL Resident, Food Justice Leaders

Susana Hennessey-Lavery, San Francisco Department of Public Health / HealthyRetailSF Program

Ryan Thayer, Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation

Jessica Estrada, San Francisco Department of Public Health / HealthyRetailSF Program
Dr. Meredith Minkler, Graduate Group Community Health Sciences School of Public Health, UC Berkeley 

​Jen Falbe, Researcher, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley & Associate Professor, UC Davis

Briana Tejuco, Cooking Matters, 18 Reasons

Dina Hilliard, North of Market Tenderloin Community Benefit District

We are a food justice coalition specializing in empowering San Francisco community members in meeting the great need for neighborhood grocery stores.

TLHCSC is located in San Francisco's Tenderloin District, and supports activities by Tenderloin residents that increase access and availability to fresh healthy food. We support convenience store conversions to grocery stores through special grants and expert consultation. We have dedicated coalition members and sponsors working to find solutions that benefit residents and businesses. Since 2012, TLHCSC has supported communication and collaborations among community members to build a healthier Tenderloin.

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